Sentence Examples with the word lettuce

Mrs. Marsh stopped chopping the lettuce and stared at her.

Sow lettuce for succession, with radishes and Round-leaved spinach, twice in the course of the month; and small salads every fortnight.

From the inland ice, gardening succeeds, very well; broccoli and lettuce grow willingly; the spinach produces large leaves; chervil, pepper-grass, leeks, parsley and turnips.

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Any who expect to get early cabbage, cauliflower, lettuce or radishes, while planting or sowing is delayed until the time of sowing tomato and egg plant in May, are sure to be disappointed of a full crop. Frequent rotation of crops should be practised in the vegetable garden, in order to head off insects and diseases; and also to make the best use of the land.

In the colder latitudes, and even in the middle states, it is absolutely necessary to protect cauliflower in this way, as it is much more tender than cabbage and lettuce plants.

Sow endive, for autumn and winter use, in the beginning and end of the month; also successional crops of lettuce and small salads.

Cover up onions, spinach, sprouts, cabbage or lettuce plants with a covering of 2 or 3 in of leaves, hay,.

The lettuce added crunch to the sandwich.

Potatoes, cabbage and lettuce are much grown for the early Northern markets.

Broccoli and radishes grow well, turnips (but not every year), lettuce and chervil succeed sometimes, but parsley cannot be reared.