Sentence Examples with the word lettres

Of his life during this period we have interesting details and notices in the Lettres francaises inedites de Joseph Scaliger, edited by M Tamizey de Larroque (Agen, 1881).

La Beaumelle published the Lettres de Madame de Maintenon, but much garbled, in 2 vols.

The discussions on the budget in 1831 gave rise to the publication of his famous series of Lettres sur la lisle civile, which in ten years ran through twenty-five editions.

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For a detailed examination of the question of the authenticity of the letters see the introduction to Lettres de Marie Antoinette.

Protests against the lettres de cachet were made continually by the parlement of Paris and by the provincial parlements, and often also by the States-General.

See Berger de Xivrey, Lettres missives de Henri IV.

The council of Geneva had joined in the condemnation of Emile, and Rousseau first solemnly renounced his citizenship, and then, in the Lettres de la montagne (1763), attacked the council and the Genevan constitution unsparingly.

P. Manuel (4 vols., 1792); and, on the same subject, Paul Cottin, Sophie de Monnier et Mirabeau d'apres leur correspondance inedite (1903); Lettres a Julie, edited by' D.

Several letters from Farini to Mr Gladstone and Lord John Russell were reprinted in a Memoire sur les affaires d'Italie (1859), and a collection of his political correspondence was published under the title of Lettres sur les affaires d'Italie (Paris, 1860).

The lettres de cachet, on the contrary, were signed simply by a secretary of state (formerly known as secretaire des commandements) for the king; they bore merely the imprint of the king's privy seal, from which circumstance they were often called, in the r4th and r5th centuries, lettres de petit signet or lettres de petit cachet, and were entirely exempt from the control of the chancellor.