Sentence Examples with the word lettish

The German occupation did not prevent the Lettish National Council, on June 26-29 1918, from claiming the reunion of all Lettish territories in accordance with the protest addressed to the German Chancellor on April 4.

The Russian Government permitted the formation on July 13 1915 of a Lettish rifle division 50,000 men strong.

Ehstland and Esshland, Esthonian Eestimaa and Meie-maa, also Viroma and Rahvama; Lettish Iggaun Senna), a Baltic province of Russia, stretching along the south coast of the Gulf of Finland, and having Lake Peipus and Livonia on the S.

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History of Latvian Independence.-With the outbreak of the World War in 1914 a prospect of some kind of national existence opened out to the Lettish intelligentsia, whose antipathy to Germany did not imply a readiness to die for Russia.

In the Memel area 565,000 persons are under temporary French occupation; in the Polangen district 3,000 under Lettish governance.

In the disputed Illuxt area 53,000 persons are also under Lettish rule.

Konopel; Lettish and Lithuanian, kannapes; Sla y.

Ballod's Lettish troops played a minor part on this front.

Alexander, became a unit of the Lettish army (Olai agreement on July 15 1919) to be formed by Gen.

In 1916-7 there were 735,000 Lettish refugees in Russia.