Sentence Examples with the word letters

That can be formed with positive integral indices out of n letters x, y, z,..

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First, there was the primitive Christian apocalypse embracing the letters and the seals written by John Mark soon after A.D.

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The prerogative court, which is presided over by the chancellor as ordinary and surrogate-general, or by a vice-ordinary and vice-surrogate-general, may hear appeals from the orphans' court, and has the authority to grant probate of wills and letters of administration and guardianship, and to hear and determine disputes arising therein.

I messed up a couple of letters and have to go back and change them.

Bowen, Dates of Pastoral Letters (1900); T.

Portions of his correspondence have been printed at various times, and inedited letters from him are of frequent occurrence in public libraries.

She stared at the blood-colored letters as the snow buried them.

Lessing's third residence in Berlin was made memorable by the Briefe, die neueste Literatur betreffend (1759-1765), a series of critical essays - written in the form of letters to a wounded officer - on the principal books that had appeared since the beginning of the Seven Years' War.

Hutchinson, Diary and Letters (2 vols., Boston, 1884-1886); H.