Sentence Examples with the word lettering

Section, lettering h, Hinges.

A copper plate having been coated with wax, outline and ornament are cut into the wax, the lettering is impressed with type, and the intaglio thus produced is electrotyped.

E., the connexions of the generative organs, lettering as above: o.d., o.d., oviducts; f., fertilizing canal; X 30.

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Tels, the post-anal spine (not the telson as the lettering would seem to imply, but only its post-anal portion).

I had to carry in my mind, as Mr. Keith says in his report, the lettering of the figures, the hypothesis and conclusion, the construction and the process of the proof.

The collar for striking English crown pieces is made in three sections now that raised lettering is put on the edge of the coin.

In this method of lettering, every enclosed space must be designated by a letter; all external forces must be represented by lines outside the frame, and each space between any two forces must receive a distinctive letter; this method of lettering was first proposed by O.

Thus the lettering of the map, having been set up in type, is inked in and transferred to a stone or a zinc-plate, or it is impressed upon transfer-paper and transferred to the stone.