Sentence Examples with the word leto

Among the best preserved is Leto and Niobe, which has been the subject of so many studies and so many publications (ibid.

In Greek art Leto usually appears carrying her children in her arms, pursued by the dragon sent by the jealous Hera, which is slain by the infant Apollo; in vase paintings especially she is often represented with Apollo and Artemis.

Homer knows the legend that a giant sought to lay violent hands on Leto (Od.

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In the oldest forms of the legend Hera is not mentioned; but afterwards the wanderings of Leto are ascribed to the jealousy of that goddess, enraged at her amour with Zeus.

But Leto is a real goddess, not a mere mythological figure.

Following the example of Pomponio Leto in Rome and of Cosimo de' Medici at Florence, Pontano founded an academy for the meetings of learned and distinguished men.

It has been mentioned that Callisto, Iphigeneia, Eilithyia, are only Artemis under different names; to these may be added Adrasteia, Atalanta, Helen, Leto and others (see Wernicke in Pauly-Wissowa's Realencyclopddie).

The statue of Leto in the Letoon at Argos was the work of Praxiteles.

Lycia, one of the chief seats of the cult of Apollo, where most frequent traces are found of the worship of Leto as the great goddess, was probably the earlier home of her religion.

See The Life of Leto by Sabellicus (Strassburg, 1510); G.