Sentence Examples with the word let on

The land in Scotland was now, with trifling exceptions, let on leases for terms varying from twenty to thirty years, and in farms of sufficient size to employ at the least two or three ploughs.

If let on share-profit, the landlord and tenant shared the loss proportionately to their stipulated share of profit.

It comprises land in no fewer than ten districts, much of which is let on permanent leases to indigo-planters.

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Later, much later, Dean had spelled her, sitting up with Martha, who was far more upset with the prospect of flying Bird Song's nest than she let on during the daylight hours.

The houses were let on a system by which the occupant became the owner after the payment of a certain number of instalments.

Most of the land is freehold and cultivated by the owner himself, and comparatively little land is let on lease except very large holdings and glebe farms. The independent small farmer (bonder) maintains a hereditary attachment to his ancestral holding.

We didn't let on to this guy, Jude Bryce, about the tip but he was a close neighbor and the parents suspected he might be involved so he was in our radar.

He wasn't about to let on that he was also cold.

The city owned public land which was let on lease and the rents were farmed out by auction.