Sentence Examples with the word let in

She had not yet gone to bed when the Rostovs arrived and the pulley of the hall door squeaked from the cold as it let in the Rostovs and their servants.

The water is let in about the middle of August and the basins are begun to be emptied about the 1st of October.

I would that our farmers when they cut down a forest felt some of that awe which the old Romans did when they came to thin, or let in the light to, a consecrated grove (lucum conlucare), that is, would believe that it is sacred to some god.

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Gardens or plantations were let in the same ways and under the same conditions; but for dategroves four years' free tenure was allowed.

It was advertised as to let in 1761, and early in the 19th century, along with the chapel adjoining, was in ruins, but has been restored by Colonel Gordon-Gilmour.

But this enabled them to proceed steadily until they came to a landing where there was a rift in the side of the mountain that let in both light and air.

Only occasionally is light let in to mitigate the horror of the gloom, and then not so much through a window as through a hole.

Of these the first is that the owner may be rated instead of the occupier, at the option of the urban authority, where the value of the premises is under Rio, where the premises are let to weekly or monthly tenants, or where the premises are let in separate apartments, or the rents become payable or are collected at any shorter period than quarterly.

Om the large areas reclaimed from the sea, vast hotels and mansions let in flats have been erected.

By-laws may also be made relating to houses let in lodgings which are not common lodging-houses.