Sentence Examples with the word let alone

Most women were too intimidated to go near him, let alone get close enough to throw their arms around him.

Wondering what twisted sister of fate thought him capable of mothering one let alone three people, he lifted her and laid her on the bed.

She hesitated at the head of the stairs, tormented by the knowledge her father was incapable of mercy towards his daughter, let alone a stranger.

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The Thunder Emperor does not condescend to mortals, let alone bed them.

It was embarrassing enough to simply think of the things to tell him, let alone say it to him.

I never expected to meet one of the Council That Was Seven, let alone have the honor of hosting you.

Considering how much Gabriel couldn.t tolerate sunlight, Rhyn was surprised to see him during daylight at all, let alone without his shades.

Unwilling to admit to the bonds let alone talk about them, Deidre focused on the girl.

She tightened her grip around him, and he was amused to think of himself as any sort of comfort to anyone, let alone a little human like her.

There was little fertile land among the cliff-dominated territory, little at all he could see as being a reason to traverse the small territory let alone labor to build an alliance against it.