Sentence Examples with the word lesson

Nor has this thy whale sunwards turned his dying head, and then gone round again, without a lesson to me.

I hope this will be a lesson to you.

To appreciate them we must take them for what they are, pieces of declamation, intended either to enliven the course of the narrative, to place vividly before the reader the feelings and aims of the chief actors, or more frequently still to enforce some lesson which the author himself has at heart.

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The lesson in manners was not forgotten; for, always after that, the man was very polite when he brought his presents.

The little savage has learned her first lesson in obedience, and finds the yoke easy.

It's a lesson well applied to the projections in this book.

This, however, was not the lesson which was drawn from it by Goethe's contemporaries; they shed tears of sympathy over the lovelorn youth whose burden becomes too great for him to bear.

The chivalry of France, undisciplined and careless of the lesson of Crecy and Poitiers, was quickly stung into action, and the French mounted men charged, only to be driven back in confusion.

I learned that lesson when Sasha tossed me in a pit with full-blooded demons and were-things.

That was probably the worst lesson for someone who was a White God.