Sentence Examples with the word lessee

The lessee must give notice to the lessor of any acts of usurpation committed on the property (Art.

The lessee is liable for injuries and losses happening by the act of persons belonging to his house or of his sub-tenants (Art.

It may be added that, if a lessee covenants to pay rates and taxes, no demand by the collector apparently is necessary to constitute a breach of the covenant; where a rate is duly made and published it is the duty of the parties assessed to seek out the collector and pay it.

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Under the gabella lease the contract lasts twenty-nine years, the lessee being obliged to make improvements, but being sometimes exempted from rent during the first years.

Sporting rights will pass to the lessee unless reserved (see Game Laws).

The lessor is bound by the nature of his contract and without the need of any particular stipulation (i.) to deliver to the lessee the thing hired in a good state of repair; (ii.) to maintain it in a state to serve the purpose for which it has been hired; (iii.) to secure to the lessee peaceable enjoyment during the continuance of the lease (Arts.

If it contains a complete contract between the parties and satisfies the provisions - to be noted immediately - of the Statute of Frauds, and if, in all the circumstances, its enforcement is just and equitable), the lessee is treated as having a lease for the term fixed in the agreement from the time that he took possession under it, just as if a valid lease had been executed.

He had accepted an engagement there as conductor; but, the lessee becoming bankrupt, the scheme was abandoned in favour of a better appointment at Riga.

There are several varieties of the contract, (i.) simple cheptel (cheptel simple) in which the whole stock is supplied by the lessor - the lessee taking half the profit and bearing half the loss (Art.

Such a lease for more than a year is not effectual even for a year, except where the lessee has taken possession.