Sentence Examples with the word less

With regard to the nature of intracellular toxins, there is even greater difficulty in the investigation and still less is known.

For about a century and a half before that time, levee building had been undertaken in a more or less spasmodic and tentative way, first by riparian proprietors, then by local combinations of public and private interests, and finally by the state, acting through levee districts, advised by a Board of Engineers.

Many of them are long thread-shaped or ribbon-shaped animals, more or less cylindrical in transverse section.

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Education is more widely diffused, but is less thorough, less leisurely in its method, derived less than before from the purer sources of culture.

Of the deep-sea cables within the first twelve years, placed the probable life of a cable as low as fifteen years, but the weeding out of unserviceable types of construction, and the general improvement in materials, have by degrees extended that first estimate, until now the limit may be safely placed at not less than forty years.

The chambers usually assemble in January each year, and the ordinary session lasts not less than five months; usually it continues till July.

The habitant, placed again under their authority, had less reason to be content.

Since, however, other Greek temples had colonnades hardly less high, and were of equal or greater area, it has been suggested that the Ephesian temple had some distinct element of grandiosity, no longer known to us - perhaps a lofty sculptured parapet or some imposing form of podium.

Near this and less advanced into the branchial chamber is the single renal organ or nephridium r with its opening to the exterior r'.

It appears to conform more or less to the radial or rosette type of multiplication, enlarged rounded parasites, with a varying number of nuclei (up to about eight) uniformly arranged near the periphery, having been often noticed (fig.

The hindquarters are comparatively large and heavy, while the tail is long, deep and more or less laterally compressed, evidently adapted for swimming.

Where the soil grains are quite free from each other the smaller grains tend to fill up the spaces between the larger ones; hence it might be concluded that in clays the amount of pore-space would be less than in coarser sands.

Other poets have warbled the praises of the soft eye of the antelope, and the lovely plumage of the bird that never alights; less celestial, I celebrate a tail.

The distinguishing colour of a prelate's clothing is violet; the form, like the greater or less use of violet, depends on the rank of the prelate.

The emir of Gando, treated on the same terms as the emirs of Kano and Sokoto, proved less loyal to his oath of allegiance and had to be deposed.

In such circumstances nothing less than a miracle could enable human ingenuity to fathom the secret.

The latter is said to have appealed to augury to determine the exact site of his projected foundation; but less fantastic considerations went far to settle it.

It is convenient to divide the subject-matter of physical geography into the atmosphere, hydrosphere and lithosphere, and in this sense the ocean is less than the hydrosphere in so far as the latter term includes also the water lying on or flowing over the surface of the land.

Many brine springs also occur in a more or less saturated condition.

Differing from this species in the possession of a longer bill, in having much less white on its back, in the paler colour of its mantle, and in a few other points, is the ordinary American species, with at least three races, Haematopus palliates.