Sentence Examples with the word lepus

The spiny rabbit, separated from Lepus by Blyth in 1845 under the name of Caprolagus hispidus, is an inhabitant of Assam and the adjacent districts, and distinguished by its harsh, bristly fur and short ears and tail.

The Sumatran hare (Lepus netscheri), discovered in 1880, adds a second species to the Lepus nigricollis, the only hare previously known in the Malay Archipelago.

Only one species of hare is found in Brazil, the Lepus brasiliensis, and but one also of the squirrel (Scyurus).

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HARE, the name of the well-known English rodent now designated Lepus europaeus (although formerly termed, incorrectly, L.

Till recently the rabbit has generally been known scientifically as Lepus cuniculus, but it is now frequently regarded, at least by systematic naturalists, as the representative of a genus by itself, under the The Rabbit (Oryctolagus cuniculus).

Antelopes, Lepus lehmanni, Lagomys rutilus, various species of Arvicolae, and the Himalayan long-tailed marmot (Arctomys caudatus), the most characteristic inhabitant of the alpine meadows, are the only mammals of the Pamir proper.

Timidus of Linnaeus, and the type of the genus Lepus and the family Leporidae (see Rodentia).

Hares are represented by several species, Lepus lehmanni being the most characteristic. Both the common and the long-tailed marmot (A.

Another group is Pronolagus, typified by the Cape thick-tailed hare, the so-called Lepus crassicaudatus, which is externally similar to Lepus proper, but has the skull and teeth of the general type of the next group. The tailless rabbit of Mount Popocatepetl, Mexico, originally described as a distinct generic type, under the name of Romerolagus nelsoni, is broadly distinguished by the entire absence of the tail, and the short ears and hind-feet, its general form being like that of the Liu-Kiu rabbit, while, as in the latter, the post-orbital process of the skull is small, and represented only by the hinder half.

If the latter course be followed, Mr Lyons's genera must be reduced to the rank of sub-genera, and his sub-generic divisions of Lepus and Sylvilagus ignored.