Sentence Examples with the word leprosy

Catarrhal complaints are common, however, and leprosy is widely prevalent, it being necessary to maintain three large hospitals for lepers.

Thus arose the more developed system of Ezekiel's scheme (xl.-xlviii.) and of the Priestercodex and the high dignity which became attached to the person of the High Priest (reflected in the narrative of Uzziah's leprosy in 2 Chron.

Here he remained for the rest of his life, with occasional visits to Honolulu, until he became stricken with leprosy in 1885.

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The gradual disappearance of leprosy combined with other causes to secularize the order more and more.

As the feeding of the hundred men and the cure of leprosy connect his work with that of Jesus, so the story that a dead man who was cast into his sepulchre was brought to life by the mere contact with his bones (2 Kings xiii.

Goitre and leprosy are the only endemic diseases; but the natives, being underfed, are prone to diarrhoea and dyspepsia.

Like other collections the group of laws on leprosy easily betrays its composite character and exhibits unmistakable evidence of its gradual growth.

He succumbed to leprosy on the 15th of April 1889.

There is a modern asylum for leprosy at Laugarnes near Reykjavik, and a medical school at Reykjavik, opened in 1876.

In the reign of Jehoram, Naaman, the Syrian general, came and was cleansed by the prophet Elisha of leprosy (2 Kings v.).