Sentence Examples with the word leopard

Of the fauna of the lower slopes, tracks of elephant, leopard and buffalo have been seen, between 11,500 and 14,500 ft.

The lion, leopard and jackal were not eaten.

From South Africa a quantity of jackal, hyena, fox, leopard and sheep karosses, i.e.

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It is exceedingly quick in its movements, but seizes its prey by waiting in ambush or stealthily approaching to within springing distance, when it suddenly rushes upon it and tears it to ground with its The Leopard (Felis pardus).

Cheetah.-Size of a small leopard and similar in colour, but has black spots in lieu of rings.

It must suffice, therefore, to record the Pharaoh's simple girdle (with or without a tunic) from which hangs the lion's tail, or the tail-like band suspended from the extremity of his head-dress (above), or the panther or leopard skin worn over the shoulders by the high priest at Memphis, subsequently a ceremonial dress of men of rank.

The cheetah or hunting leopard (Cynaelurus jubatus) must be carefully distinguished from the leopard proper.

In length, and the tail from 22 to 3 ft., but some specimens exceed these limits, while the Somali leopard (F.

Among other s p ecies of the family Felidae found in India may be mentioned the ounce or snow leopard (F.

Of reptiles there are the crocodile, confined to the Transkei rivers, several kinds of snakes, including the cobra di capello and puff adder, numerous lizards and various tortoises, including the leopard tortoise, the largest of the continental land forms. Of birds the ostrich may still be found wild in some regions.