Sentence Examples with the word leo

At the same date died Pope Pius IX., who had long mistrusted him; and Leo XIII.

It would seem that from the date of Machiavelli's discourse to Leo on the government of Florence the Medici had taken him into consideration.

Crispi, helped by Mancini and Cardinal Pecci (afterwards Leo persuaded the Sacred College to hold the conclave in Rome, and prorogued the chamber lest any untoward manifestation should mar the solemnity of the event.

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In this year the archbishop of Canterbury, Robert of Jumieges, having been outlawed and driven from England, Stigand was appointed to the archbishopric; but, regarding Robert as the rightful archbishop, Pope Leo IX.

Kha'zar troops were amongst the bodyguard of the imperial court; they fought for Leo VI.

The occasion was an Indulgence proclaimed by Pope Leo X., farmed by the archbishop of Mainz, and preached by John Tetzel, a Dominican monk and a famed seller of Indulgences.

The reactionary policy thus indicated gave the impression that a similar aim underlay the appointment about the same date of a commission to inquire into Biblical studies; and in other minor matters Leo XIII.

The popes attached golden bullae to their confirmations of the elections of the emperors in the 12th and 13th centuries; and they issued them on such occasions as when Leo X.

Been farmed out for years in advance by Leo X.

The first trustworthy notice of the use of the mitre is under Pope Leo IX.