Sentence Examples with the word leniency

Ferdinand was his son-in-law, and was probably disposed to leniency by the imminence of a Moorish invasion in which Portugal could render useful assistance.

Clothed as he was with large powers, he undertook in the interests of leniency and reconciliation to banish, without trial, some leaders of the rebellion in Lower Canada.

His son Amaziah had some difficulty in gaining the kingdom and showed unwonted leniency in sparing the children of his father's murderers.

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This was made plain by the leniency of Athanasius towards Marcellus of Ancyra.

Towards those Dutch colonists who had joined the enemy during the war leniency was shown, all rebels being pardoned.

The leniency of the sentences indicates the comparatively trifling character of the wrongdoing.

He subsequently accepted the presidency of the Reparations Commission, which he resigned in May 1920 as a protest against what he considered to be the undue leniency shown to Germany.

Flechier, by his leniency and tact, succeeded in bringing over some of them to his views, and even gained the esteem of those who declined to change their faith.

Apart from their control of public education, their power was enhanced by their efforts to better the position of women, and by their notorious leniency in the matter of punishments.

The leniency shown by Archbishop Grindal to puritans encouraged him to return to England, and he became curate of Cranbrook in 1583.