Sentence Examples with the word lengthened

Each valley is consequently lengthened at the expense of the mountain from which it descends.

Head and cut across in a straight line; behind it is divided into very many small plaits, which hang down the back, and are lengthened by silken cords, and often adorned with gold coins and ornaments.

Schelling was prematurely thrust into the position of a foremost productive thinker; and when the lengthened period of quiet meditation was at last forced upon him there unfortunately lay before him a system which achieved what had dimly been involved in his ardent and impetuous desires.

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Grant, as he pushed Pemberton before him to Granada, lengthened day by day his line of communication, and when Van Dorn, ever enterprising, raided the great Federal depot of Holly Springs the game was up. Grant retired hastily, for starvation was imminent, and Pemberton, thus freed, turned upon Sherman, and inflicted a severe defeat on that general at Chickasaw Bayou near Vicksburg (December 29).

After lengthened suffering from a terrible disease, said to have been cancer in the face, he died in 1773, leaving to his son Timur the kingdom he had founded.

They are crowded together and therefore rendered shorter and more frequent by the advance of their source, but drawn apart and lengthened by its recession.

During the years following the destruction of the Carolingian empire the borders of Bavaria were continually changing, and for a lengthened period after 955 this process was one of expansion.

From Braila to Sulina, a distance of about loo m., the river falls under - the jurisdiction of the European commission of the Danube, an institution of such importance as to merit the lengthened notice.

Deidre watched in growing horror as his teeth turned from normal to sharpened, and two long canines half the size of her index finger lengthened from his gum.

His Geometric gave rise in England also to a lengthened discussion on the difficult question of the treatment of the theory of parallels.