Sentence Examples with the word length

These matters, however, having been at length adjusted, Wellington, who in his cramped position between the sea and the Nive could not use his cavalry or artillery effectively, or interfere with the French supplies coming through St Jean Pied de Port, determined to occupy the right as well as the left bank of the Nive.

The faintest assured objection which one healthy man feels will at length prevail over the arguments and customs of mankind.

It shortened fitfully by eight seconds between 1790 and 1879; soon afterwards, restoration set in, and its exact length in 1903 was 2 d 20h 48' n 568, being only two seconds short of its original value.

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The drafts from the dressing frame are valued in accordance with their length of fibre, the longest being known as A or 1st drafts and so on: 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th Drafts.

After halting again and again the party at length reached the river Hiranyavati, close by Kusinara, and there for the last time the teacher rested.

Encephalartos) a considerable size, reaching a length of more than a foot.

The towns were connected by a considerable network of roads, with a total length of 958 Roman miles according to the Itineraries, the most important of R which ran from Carales to Turris Libisonis (Porto Torres) through the centre of the island, passing Othoca (Oristano) and Forum Traiani.

For in such a construction every point of the figure is obtained by the intersection of two straight lines, a straight line and a circle, or two circles; and as this implies that, when a unit of length is introduced, numbers employed, and the problem transformed into one of algebraic geometry, the equations to be solved can only be of the first or second degree, it follows that the equation to which we must be finally led is a rational equation of even degree.

The alternate delay and acceleration of the eclipses are then merely apparent; they represent the changes in the length of the light-journey as the stars perform their wide circuit.

The enormous length of the ears and the small bodily size (inferior to that of any other member of the family) suffice to distinguish the true fennec (V.