Sentence Examples with the word lemur

Macaco) the two sexes are differently coloured; but in others, especially the ruffed lemur (L.

Other discoveries include a few new squirrels and bats, and the occurrence of a lemur (Nycticebus tardigradus) in Tawi Tawi.

The typical lemurs include species like Lemur mongoz and L.

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AVAHI, the native name of a Malagasy lemur (Avahis laniger) nearly allied to the indri, and the smallest representative of the subfamily Indrisinae, characterized by its woolly coat, and measuring about 28 in.

The species of the genus Lemur are diurnal, and may be recognized by the length of the muzzle, and the large tufted ears.

Most are arboreal, but the ring-tailed lemur (L.

A lemur and one of the curious hedgehog-like Insectivora of Madagascar (Centetes ecaudatus) have probably both been brought from the larger island.

In some cases, as in the black lemur (L.

The fauna is allied to that of Madagascar rather than to the mainland of Africa; it includes some land birds and a species of lemur peculiar to the islands.