Sentence Examples with the word lemon

Sicily is the chief centre of cultivationthe area occupied by lemon and orange orchards in the province of Palermo alone having increased from ff525 acres in 1854 to 54,340 in 1874.

This one slid through the lemon like it was tissue paper and pricked her finger on the other side.

Being green and crimson above and lemon below.

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The shores, especially on the Tyrthenian Sea, present almost a continued grove of olive, orange, lemon and citron trees, which attain a size unknown in the north of Italy.

In the spring of 1859 he was at Capri, always a favourite resort of his, and made many studies from nature, including a very famous drawing of a lemon tree.

The lemon scent was a deodorant to cover up the smell of onions in the room.

It has a population of about 5000, and extensive orchards of orange and lemon trees and immense plantations of date-palms. Legend ascribes the foundation of the city to Darius, hence its name Darab-gerd (Darius-town).

Much of the neighbouring plain is very fertile, and the town is surrounded with gardens and orchards, in which orange, lemon and citron come to great perfection.

The lemon is really grown upon a bitter orange tree, grafted to bear the lemon.

The African are small with pale lemon colour grounds very closely marked with black spots on the skin, the strong contrast making a pleasing effect.