Sentence Examples with the word leipzig

The Friedrich Wilhelm University, although young in point of foundation, has long outstripped its great rival Leipzig in numbers, and can point with pride to the fact that its teaching staff has yielded to none in the number of illustrious names.

The first chamber consists of the adult princes of the blood, two representatives of the Lutheran and one of the Roman Catholic Church, a representative of Leipzig university, the proprietor (or a deputy) of the Herrschaft of Wildenfels, a proprietor of the mediatized domains, two of Standesherrschaften, one of those of four estates in fee, the superintendent at Leipzig, a deputy of the collegiate institution at Wurzen, 12 deputies elected by owners of nobiliar estates, ten landed proprietors and five other members nominated by the king and the burgomasters of eight towns.

Hermes, founded at Leipzig in 1819 by W.

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CHRISTIAN THOMASIUS (1655-1728), German jurist and publicist, was born at Leipzig on the 1st of January 1655, and was educated by his father, Jakob Thomasius (1622-1684), at that Lime head master of the Thomasschule.

Owing to its pleasant situation and accessibility, it has become a favourite residence of business men of Leipzig and Halle.

In addition to writing numerous articles for the Leipzig Acta Eruditorum, Bergler edited the editio princeps of the Byzantine historiographer Genesius (1733), and the letters of Alciphron (1715), in which seventy-five hitherto unpublished letters were for the first time included.

He still corresponded with his Leipzig friends, but the tone of his letters changed; life had become graver and more earnest for him.

Nitzsch, printed at Leipzig in 1811 - a miscellaneous set of detached essays on some Nitzsch.

Tauler's sermons were printed first at Leipzig in 1498, and reprinted with additions from Eckhart and others at Basel (1522) and at Cologne (1543).

It was not, however, until after the Leipzig disputation with Eck that Luther won his allegiance.