Sentence Examples with the word leiden

Their worship was prohibited, and their chief pastor, Leger, was obliged to flee, and in his exile at Leiden wrote his Histoire generale des eglises vaudoises (1684).

See, besides the books above cited, De Wette, Opuscula; Wansche, Die Leiden des Messias (1870).

With Die Leiden des jungen Werthers (1774), the literary precipitate of the author's own experiences in Wetzlar, Goethe succeeded in attracting, as no German had done before him, the attention of Europe.

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Wetzlar brought new friends and another passion, that for Charlotte Buff, the daughter of the Amtmann there - a love-story which has been immortalized in Werthers Leiden - and again the young poet's nature was obsessed by a love which was this time strong enough to bring him to the brink of that suicide with which the novel ends.

In 1531 the Haarlemmer Meer had an area of 6430 acres, and in its vicinity were three smaller sheets of water - the Leidsche Meer or Leiden Lake, the Spiering Meer, and the Oude Meer or Old Lake, with a united area of about 7600 acres.

In honour of this great deliverance, the state of Holland founded the university, which was speedily to make the name of Leiden illustrious throughout Europe.

Degree at Leiden in 1721.

The town preserves associations of Goethe, who wrote Die Leiden des jungen Werthers after living here in 1772 as a legal official, and of Charlotte Buff, the Lotte of Werther.

In spite of a certain industrial activity and the periodical bustle of its cattle and dairy markets, Leiden remains essentially an academic city.

In February the same year (1575), the university of Leiden had been founded, and thither, by the kindness of friends, Arminius was sent to study theology.