Sentence Examples with the word legislature

The legislature of Virginia appointed him a commissioner to confer with President Buchanan and arrange, if possible, for the maintenance of the status quo in the matter of Fort Sumter, in Charleston harbour; but his efforts were unavailing.

The legislature or Grand Conseil (now composed of loo members) is elected (in the proportion of 1 member for every l000 inhabitants or fraction over 500) for 3 years by a direct popular vote, subject (since 1892) to the principles of proportional representation, while the executive or conseil d'etat (7 members) is elected (no proportional representation) by a popular vote for 3 years.

The legislature meets biennially, in odd-numbered years, on the second Tuesday in January, and the length of its sessions is limited to forty days.

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The palace of Cortes is now occupied by the state legislature and by various public offices, and Maximilian's villa by a school.

The legislature need not regard his counsels, but if he is a strong man whom the people trust, it may fear him and comply with his demands.

In 1866, 1867 and 1869, respectively, the legislature refused to ratify the thirteenth, fourteenth and fifteenth amendments to the Federal constitution.

The legislature (Standeversammlung) is bicameral - the constitution of the co-ordinate chambers being finally settled by a law of 1868 amending the enactment of 1831.

The state treasurer, comptroller and the commissioners of deeds are appointed by the two houses of the legislature in joint session.

The legislature meets biennially, in odd numbered years, on the first Monday in January, and the length of the session is limited by a provision that the members shall be paid four dollars a day, besides an allowance for travelling expenses, not to exceed 75 days; whenever the governor calls an extra session they are not paid for more than 20 days.

The Democrats carried the legislature in 1875, and preferred impeachment charges against Governor Adelbert Ames (b.