Sentence Examples with the word legislative body

Above the great council came the senate, the deliberative and legislative body par excellence.

Tution The legislative body bore the time-honoured title of of the States-General, and was divided into an Upper Nether- Chamber nominated by the king, and a Lower Chamber lands' elected by the people.

It is the expression of the ultimate sovereignty of the people, and its existence gives to the working both of the Federal government and of the several state governments, a certain fixify and uniformity which the European, and especially the British, reader must constantly bear in mind, because under such a constitution every legislative body enjoys far scantier powers than in the United Kingdom and most European countries.

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It met every year, sometimes twice a year, during Sigismund's reign, and was no longer, as in the days of Louis the Great, merely a consultative council, but a legislative body in partnership with the king.