Sentence Examples with the word leger

Sir Francis Bryan, Henry VIII.'s favourite, succeeded him, and on his death St Leger was again appointed.

We append the pedigree of Blair Athol, winner of the Derby and St Leger in 1864, who, when subsequently sold by auction, fetched the then unprecedented sum of 12,000 guineas, as it contains, not only Stockwell (the emperor of stallions, as he has been termed), but Blink Bonny and Eleanor - in which latter animal are combined the blood of Eclipse, Herod, Matchem and Snap, - the mares that won the Derby in 1801 and 1857 respectively, as well as those queens of the stud, Eleanor's greatgranddaughter Pocahontas and Blink Bonny's dam Queen Mary.

Pitra, Histoire de Saint Leger (Paris, 1846); and J.

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The St Leger takes its name from Lieut.-General St Leger, who originated the race in 1776; but it was not so named till 1778.

Brumpt (5a), Leger (32, 33), Keysselitz (16), Prowazek (47), Minchin (41b) and others - has undoubtedly shown that much of Schaudinn's scheme of the life-history of a Trypanosome is well-founded.

In the same year, taking advantage of the general anarchy, Ebroin and Leger left the cloister and soon found themselves once more face to face.

The successful resistance here to St Leger contributed greatly to the American success at Saratoga.

In this struggle Leger was vanquished; he was besieged in Autun, was forced to surrender and had his eyes put out, and, on the 12th of October 678, he was put to death after undergoing prolonged tortures.

Soon, however, Leger was defeated by Wulfoald and the Austrasians, and was himself confined at Luxeuil in 673.

It is, for instance, quite likely that certain Herpetomonadine parasites described by Leger (2 9, 34) from various blood-sucking insects are really only stages in the life of a Haemoflagellate.