Sentence Examples with the word legally

Whilst modifications of the law require special legislation or decree, it has been legally decided that all laws in force in France before the conquest of the country (i.e.

The value of the American dollar, in terms of AustroHungarian paper kronen with legally fixed value, varied in fact, as shown by the Swiss exchange market, as follows: - State Finances.

Lori, legally and emotionally she is our daughter.

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Bavaria has even voluntarily adopted many imperial laws from which it was legally exempted; for instance, the laws of settlement.

This tribe may legally marry within the totem, but always avoids such unions.

There the dispute was finally submitted for arbitration to George Fox and other Quakers, and they decided that, as the government of the province was legally vested in Byllynge by the duke's conveyance to him, he had the right to name the deputy governor.

There may also be a surrender, either voluntary or by operation of law, which will determine a tenancy, as, for example, when a tenant is party to some act, the validity of which he is legally estopped from denying and which would not have been valid had the tenancy continued to exist.

But if a person charged with bigamy in England can prove that he has been legally divorced by the law of the country where the divorced parties were domiciled at the time (even though the ground on which the divorce was granted was not one that would justify a divorce in England) it will be good defence to the charge.

Marriages between whites and persons of negro descent are prohibited by law, and a marriage of insane persons is legally void.

Should action be needed which cannot be legally taken without the concurrence of these different authorities, and should they be unable to concur, the legal situation must remain in statu quo until by a new election the people have changed one or more of the conflicting authorities, and so brought them into harmony.