Sentence Examples with the word legal right

The great nobles, the Howards, and Gardiner would not hear of such a proposal; and all the efforts of the court throughout Mary's reign failed to induce parliament to listen to the suggestion that Elizabeth should be deprived of her legal right to the succession.

While Weller knew nothing of Dean's legal right to evict Shipton, he didn't seem to feel it was his concern and politely refused to come over and expel him.

As Alex had said, though, it gave them a legal right to keep her at bay.

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In Italy there is no legal right in the poor to be supported by the parish or commune, nor any obligation on the commune to relieve the poorexcept in the case of forsaken children and the sick poor.

I have no intention of leaving and, if you'll check your law, you have no legal right to toss me out.

From the point of view of the State, that of the Roman Catholic bishop is, of course, only a title of courtesy, the Anglican bishop alone having the legal right to bear it.

Every day fewer places exist where a single person has legal right to end the life of another.

They started with no such claim as Duke William put forth to justify his invasion of England; their only show of legal right was the papal grant of conquests that were already made.

Civilization invented Habeas Corpus and sees it as a fundamental legal right around the world.

It seems doubtful if the governor exceeded his legal right in refusing to allow Pereira to proceed; 1 in this attitude he remained firm even when Xavier, if the Jesuit biographers may be trusted, exhibited the brief by which he held the rank of papal nuncio, and threatened Ataide with excommunication.