Sentence Examples with the word leery

Xander didn't confirm the words, leery of anyone who understood the power of the gem at his neck.

I would think if they see the connection they might be leery of taking our calls.

Rhyn met his gaze, leery as Kiki turned, considering.

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Just be leery of who you trust.

Yully struggled to control the energies into her body, still leery of the invaders.

She dismounted and led her horse toward the small group, edgy and leery of the battle going on around her.

Rissa twisted, leery of her second.

He couldn't risk alienating the woman in his bed, partly because she was still too delicate, too new to his world to take the next step and partly because he was still leery of the powers of an Oracle.

He roused himself, leery of becoming too comfortable in the home of his enemies.