Sentence Examples with the word leer

He let go of Donnie's hand and turned to his wife, with more of a leer than a look of love.

ONNO KLOPP (1822-1903), German historian, was born at Leer on the 9th of October 1822, and was educated at the universities of Bonn, Berlin and Gottingen.

There is a daily steamboat service with Emden, Leer and Hamburg during the summer months.

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G between vowels is dropped before e and i: Ler for Leer (1 egere), dedv (digit u m);the same is the case with d, of course, in similar circumstances: remiT (r e d i mere), rir (r I d ere).

She searched his face suspiciously but there was no leer in his expression.

For a few years he was a teacher at Leer and at Osnabruck; but in 1858 he settled at Hanover, where he became intimate with King George V., who made him his Archivrat.

PETRUS HOFSTEDE DE GROOT (1802-1886), Dutch theologian, was born at Leer in East Friesland, Prussia, on the 8th of October 1802, and was educated at the Gymnasium and university of Groningen.