Sentence Examples with the word lecturing

Afford, he had all the time been lecturing on the various branches of philosophy according to the scheme of academical instruction transmitted from his predecessors.

He was determined not to give up the search for Franklin, and in spite of ill-health travelled through the States lecturing to obtain funds, and gave up his pay for twenty months.

After 1881 he devoted his time to the practice of his profession and to lecturing and writing.

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Tetzel's preaching and the exaggerated claims that he was reported to be making for the indulgences attracted the attention of an Augustinian friar, Martin Luther, who had for some years been lecturing on theology at the university of Wittenberg.

Hannah stood aside as she entered the large foyer, lecturing her as they ascended to the second floor.

He went on a tour round the world, partly to make money by lecturing and partly to get material for another book of travels, published in 1897, and called in America Following the Equator, and in England More Tramps Abroad.

Portalis and others he founded under the empire an academy of legislation in Paris, himself lecturing on Roman law.

This, with other attempts to liberalize religion, brought him into conflict with the ecclesiastical authorities of Mecklenburg, and in 1858 he was deprived of his professorship. He then travelled throughout Germany, demanding justice, telling the story of his life (Christliche Selbstgesprdche, 1861), and lecturing on the life of Jesus (Die Geschichte Jesu.

He threw himself with characteristic energy into his new work, visiting, preaching and lecturing in every part of his diocese.

This periodical, first a monthly and later a weekly, was published successively in Ohio, Tennessee, Maryland, the District of Columbia and Pennsylvania, though it appeared irregularly, and at times, when Lundy was away on lecturing tours, was issued from any office that was accessible to him.