Sentence Examples with the word leaving

An ingot should always stand upright while solidifying, so that the unsound region due to the pipe may readily be cut off, leaving the rest of the ingot solid.

Anxious not to risk his gains, but to consolidate them by organization, Philip henceforth until his death in 1223 operated through diplomacy alone, leaving to others the toil and trouble of conquests, the advantages of which were not f or them.

Of Asia Minor, which survived unsubdued in the general deluge of Seljukian conquest, they could expect active assistance (the hope of which will explain the north-easterly line of march which they followed after leaving Heraclea).

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At the close of his life King James divided his states between his sons by Yolande of Hungary, Pedro and James, leaving the Spanish possessions on the mainland to the first, the Balearic Islands and the lordship of Montpellier to the second - a division which inevitably produced fratricidal conflicts.

On leaving the hills it enters on a flat country, and extends over a gravelly bed.

On the 25th of April 1650, he married Lady Frances Cecil, sister of the earl of Essex, his first wife having died in the previous year leaving no family.

It compelled the companies to sell their trunk wires to the Post Office, leaving the local exchanges in the hands of the companies.

Gladstone introduced ministry, a bill disconnecting the Irish Church from the state, establishing a synod for its government, andafter leaving it in possession of its churches and its parsonages, and making ample provision for the life-interest of its existing clergydevoting the bulk of its property to the relief of distress in Ireland.

He died on the 5th of June 1716, leaving unfinished a series of elaborate retearches on optics, and a large amount of unpublished manuscript.

The wide tiers of welded tendons overspreading his broad white forehead, beneath the transparent skin, looked knitted together; as head on, he came churning his tail among the boats; and once more flailed them apart; spilling out the irons and lances from the two mates' boats, and dashing in one side of the upper part of their bows, but leaving Ahab's almost without a scar.