Sentence Examples with the word least of all

The fresh meat would have been a welcome change, but nobody was going to get away with throwing food at her - least of all an arrogant saddle bum.

Human nature seldom resists the charms of a fixed standard - least of all when it is applied by a live judge in a visible court.

One thing is certain, the language was ineffaceably stamped upon my brain, though for a long time no one knew it, least of all myself.

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Success never depends, and never will depend, on position, or equipment, or even on numbers, and least of all on position.

Lastly, we have the great family of hollow-horned ruminants or Bovidae, in which the horns (present in the males at least of all the existing species) take the form of simple non-deciduous hollow sheaths growing upon bony cores.

Men trained in this school were not likely to be tender towards vested interests in darkness, least of all when they stood in the way of a reconciliation with the Protestants: for the cardinals thought that the strength of the Reformation lay much less in the attractiveness of Luther's doctrines than in his vigorous denunciations of the vices of the clergy.

The chapter-house, to the north-east of the main structure, suffered least of all the buildings, and contains a 'Prentice pillar, of which a similar story is told to that of the ornate column in Roslin chapel.

Whereas Sparta had been least of all the allies interested in the war, and apart from the campaigns of Brasidas had on the whole taken little part in it, her allies benefited least by the terms of the Peace.

He certainly was no mere advocate of orthodoxy; he as certainly was no mere victim of terror at scepticism; least of all was he a freethinker in disguise.