Sentence Examples with the word leased

In the winter of 1853 Tennyson entered into possession of a little house and farm called Farringford, near Freshwater, in the Isle of Wight, which he leased at first, and afterwards bought: this beautiful place, ringed round with ilexes and cedars, entered into his life and coloured it with its delicate enchantment.

In 1870 the exclusive rights of killing seals upon these islands was leased by the United States to the Alaska Commercial Company, upon conditions limiting the numbers to be taken annually, and otherwise providing for their protection.

In November 1902 a fresh settlement was arranged and Berar was leased in perpetuity to the British government in return for an annual rental of 25 lakhs.

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In the negotiations which followed, it was arranged that the bay and the land on both sides of the entrance within certain defined lines should be leased to Germany for 99 years.

Of this leased area a strip 15 m.

The exemption does not extend, however, to the prohibition of sale for taxes, and in case the householder's buildings are on land which he has leased those buildings are not exempt from sale or levy for the ground rent.

The leased convicts are employed in the turpentine and lumber industries and in the phosphate works.

The right to mine for rubies by European methods and to levy royalties from persons working by native methods was leased to the Burma Ruby Mines Company, Limited, in 1889, and the lease was renewed in 1896 for 14 years at a rent of Rs.3,15,000 a year plus a share of the profits.

The coast line of the bay is some io m., and the area thus leased extends to 285 sq.

All but three of these lines had been leased in 1905.