Sentence Examples with the word learn

Very few experts are employed in supervision; practically everything is directed by the officials, who themselves have first to learn each trade.

Since he was the one she wanted to learn to outsmart, in case things broke bad, she doubted he'd teach her anything.

Keeping that one comes at a large financial price: Learn proficiency at two languages or remain separate from the world economy.

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In this way also he came to learn Hebrew, and to compare it with Greek, Latin and French; and it was the first proof of his intellectual audacity that on the strength of this he wrote an Essai de grammaire generale.

We learn much as to these magistrates from the large number of inscriptions that have been found (over 2000 in Ostia and Portus taken together) and also as to the cults.

Its members, as we learn from the inscriptions, prefixed to their Semitic names the Roman gentilicium of Septimius, which shows that they received the citizenship under Septimius Severus (A.D.

She needed a workout; maybe she could learn to use a sword instead of kickboxing, which she'd been doing regularly for years.

We learn this from the prologue to the third book, which is dedicated to Eutychus, who has been identified with the famous charioteer and favourite of Gaius.

One little chap, about seven, was persuaded to learn the letters, and he spelled his name for Helen.

We learn indeed from incidental notices that he inclined to Stoicism and disliked the Epicurean system.