Sentence Examples with the word leap

It Will Be Remembered That In A Leap Year There Are Always Two Dominical Letters, One Of Which Is Employed Till The 29Th Of February, And The Other Till The End Of The Year.

In 1877 he came forward again with one volume of verse, another of fiction, a third of travel; in each he displayed great vigour and freshness of touch, and he rose at one leap to the highest position among men of promise.

It was difficult on Sunday, attempting a routine day after our leap forward contact with the director.

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But Every Fourth Year Is A Leap Year, And The Effect Of The Intercalation Is To Throw The Dominical Letter One Place Farther Back.

From 1582 To 1700 The Difference Between The Old And New Style Continued To Be Ten Days; But 1700 Being A Leap Year In The Julian Calendar, And A Common Year In The Gregorian, The Difference Of The Styles During The 18Th Century Was Eleven Days.

The story of the voluntary sacrifice of the Attic maiden Aglauros on behalf of her country in time of war (commemorated by the ephebi taking the oath of loyalty to their country in her temple), and of the leap of the three sisters over the Acropolis rock (see Erechtheus), probably points to an old human sacrifice.

The fighting-bulls are chiefly reared in the marshes and alluvial valleys; they are bred for strength and swiftness rather than size, and a good specimen should be sufficiently agile to leap over the inner barrier of the arena (about 68 in.

In every direction can be seen luxuriant valleys through which rivers thread their silvery way, wild chasms, magnificent waterfalls - that of Maletsunyane has an unbroken leap of over 600 f t.

In order to make this leap he supposes that we have beyond perceptions a conception of condition.

He didn't exactly leap to follow her.