Sentence Examples with the word lean against

And here was Flask now standing, Daggoo with one lifted arm furnishing him with a breastband to lean against and steady himself by.

He stopped to lean against a tree to rest, unable to shake his own surprise at discovering Sasha wasn.t dead.

Nothing felt right, so she decided to tuck her hands behind her back and simply lean against the wall.

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It wasn't coming out the way she practiced it, maybe because Gabriel was sitting close enough that she wanted to lean against him instead of the bed and place his large hands on the parts of her body hidden by clothes.

Part of her wanted to lean against him, knowing he wouldn't turn her away.

From the map it will be noticed that the largest and most thickly strewn lakes occur within five hundred or a thousand miles of Hudson Bay, and belong to the Archean protaxis or project beyond its edges into the Palaeozoic sedimentary rocks which lean against it.

Her head was spinning, her vision narrowing, and she paused close enough to Rhyn to lean against him.