Sentence Examples with the word leaking

If our ship didn't sink, it was certainly leaking like the Titanic.

On the other hand, these stoves need a considerable amount of attention in filling, trimming and cleaning, and there is some risk of explosion and damage by accidental leaking and smoking.

The men sat huddled up trying not to stir, so as to warm the water that had trickled to their bodies and not admit the fresh cold water that was leaking in under their seats, their knees, and at the back of their necks.

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Certain. I've lowered for whales from a leaking ship in a gale off Cape Horn.

The windows of the compound at the peak of the mountain were protected by film to keep light from leaking out.

Having passed through the puddle core the leaking water sometimes rises to the surface of the ground, producing a visibly turbid spring.