Sentence Examples with the word leader

He then returned to Khartum, and in 1879 went again into Darfur to pursue the slave traders, while his subordinate, Gessi Pasha, fought them with great success in the Bahr-el-Ghazal district and killed Suleiman, their leader and a son of Zobeir.

Of Capua and Ranulf of Alife, or Avellino, brother-in-law of Roger, who proved himself the real leader of the revolt.

For a moment, Dusty was reminded again of the strong, confident leader Darian had been, long ago.

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The leader of a third troop took a humbler tone, sued for mercy, and obtained it.

Moreover, the diet neglected to pay for the maintenance even of this paltry 2000, with the result that they mutinied and compelled their leader to retreat through the heart of Muscovy to Smolensk.

When the Revolution began he became leader of the Jacobin party in Besancon, and when a regiment of volunteers of the department of the Gard marched through the city he was elected lieutenant-colonel.

In his place Cecil Rhodes, then leader of the Opposition in the Cape parliament, was sent to Bechuanaland.

This was Bonif ace of Montferrat, the younger brother of Conrad, who was chosen leader of the Fourth Crusade in 1201, on the death of Theobald of Champagne.

All correspondence passed through his hands, he wrote all despatches, conducted the debates over which he presided, kept the minutes, drafted the resolutions, and was ex officio the leader and spokesman of the delegates who represented the Province of Holland in the States-General.

As Rollo was to do in 912, the Danish leader Guthorm received baptism, taking the name of Aethelstan, and settled in his assigned territory, East Anglia, according to the terms of the peace of Wedmore.