Sentence Examples with the word lead to

A group of immigrants from the United States fomented disturbance in the hope that it would lead to annexation.

Stimulants are those which lead to excitation of the mental faculties and in quantity may lead to delirium and incoherence.

Not only did the Italian enterprise lead to strained relations with Great Britain, the alliance with whom had been the emperor's chief support in Europe, and compromised its credit; but the claims of parties and classes again began to be heard at home.

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On the other hand, the facts that the Hexapoda and the Chilopoda have triprosthomerous heads, that the Hexapoda have the same total number of somites as the nomomeristic Crustacea, and the same number of opisthomeres in the head as the more terrestrial Crustacea, together with the same adaptation of the form of important appendages in corresponding somites, and that the compound eyes of both Crustacea and Hexapoda are extremely specialized and elaborate in structure and identical in that structure, all lead to the suggestion that the Hexapoda, and with them, at no distant point, the Chilopoda, have branched off from the Crustacean main stem as specialized terrestrial lines of descent.

Imagine when a five-cent computer in your shoe warns you that the way you are walking will lead to spine problems.

These alkyl substitution products are important, for they lead to the synthesis of many organic compounds, on account of the fact that they can be hydrolysed in two different ways, barium hydroxide or dilute sodium hydroxide solution giving the socalled ketone hydrolysis, whilst concentrated sodium hydroxide gives the acid hydrolysis.

The hope for such technology is that this transgenic milk might heal people with Crohn's disease or irritable bowel syndrome and perhaps even save lives around the globe where children are dying from gastrointestinal problems that lead to diarrhea and dehydration.

Recent experiments lead to the conclusion that iron, lead, manganese, lignite and sulphur exist in considerable abundance.

We have the formation of numerous mechanisms which have arisen in connection with the question of food supply, which may not only involve particular cells, but also lead to differentiation in the protoplasm of those cells, as in the development of the chloroplastids of the leaves and other green parts.

Up to this time he was entirely ignorant of mathematics, his father having carefully held him aloof from a study which he rightly apprehended would lead to his total alienation from that of medicine.