Sentence Examples with the word le

Much Of The Mature Work Of This First Generation, And Of The Juvenilia Of The Second, Appeared In Les Soirees Canadiennes And Le Foyer Canadien, Founded In 1862 And 1863 Respectively.

Provins, Le Dernier roi legitime de France (2 vols., the first of which consists of destructive criticism of Beauchesne and his followers, 1889); A.

And Leopold von Toskana, ihr Briefwechsel (2 vols., 1872); Briefe der Kaiserin Maria Theresa an ihre Kinder and Freunde (4 vols., 1881); Marie Antoinette: Correspondance secrete entre Marie-Therese et le comte de Mercy-Argenteau (3 vols., Paris, 1875), in collaboration with Auguste Geffroy; Graf Philipp Cobenzl and seine Memoiren (1885); Correspondance secrete du comte de Mercy-Argenteau avec l'empereur Joseph II.

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But the suspicions aroused by his conduct found further confirmation when he caused himself - or allowed himself - to be nominated bishop of Le Puy by Benedict XIII.

Dartigue-Peyrou, Marc-Aurele dans ses rapports avec le christianisme (Paris, 1897).

Their chief town was Vindinum or Suindinum (corrupted into Subdinnum), afterwards Civitas Cenomanorum (whence Le Mans), the original name of the town, as usual in the case of Gallic cities, being replaced by that of the people.

Barry, Renan (1905); Sorel, Le Systeme historique de R.

Garin le Loherin (q.v.), or Garin of Lorraine.

De Saint Clair, Le Danube: etude de droit international (Paris, 1899); D.

The faculties of letters and sciences, besides granting the Baccalaurat de lenseignement secondaire, confer the degrees of licentiate and doctor (la Licence, le Doctoral).