Sentence Examples with the word lay

Throughout the time of Henrys Norman war, he was engaged in a tiresome controversy with the primate on the question of lay investitures, the continuation of the struggle which Henrys had begun in his brothers reign.

A more alarming difficulty lay before him.

At least one of Damian's Guardians lay slain among the scores of vamps.

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When afterwards released, it lay for many months 'unsold, in consequence of the spinners doubting whether it could be profitably worked up.

The name of Mannheim was connected with its present site in the 8th century, when a small village belonging to the abbey of Lorsch lay in the marshy district between the Neckar and the Rhine.

Violated by the Liberal constitution of 1867, which granted religious liberty, depotentiated by laws setting up lay jurisdiction over matrimonial cases and state control of education, it was abrogated in 1870 by Austria, who alleged that the proclamation of papal infallibility had so altered the status of one of the contracting parties that the agreement was void.

It was an amazing announcement and He plainly added that their path like His own lay through death to life.

The significance of this ordinance lay in the fact that it shattered the privileged position of the nobility, by abolishing the exclusive right to the possession of fiefs.

But, as has been already said, the scholars and theologians had less influence in the beginning of the English Reformation than the mere lay politicians, whose anti-clerical tendencies chanced to fit in with King Henrys convenience when he quarrelled with the papacy.

She had not been reported missing because her mother lay dead in their small rural farm house over a hundred miles away.