Sentence Examples with the word law-abiding

A share of this was the birthright of every law-abiding member of the Feini who needed it.

It is true that centuries of law-abiding and litigious habitude had accumulated in the temple archives of each city vast stores of precedent in ancient deeds and the records of judicial decisions, and that intercourse had assimilated city custom.

The religious penal code it was thought meritorious to evade; the commercial penal code was ostentatiously defied; and both tended to make Ireland the least law-abiding country in Europe.

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The Moslems, who are among the most law-abiding and intelligent citizens of Freetown, have several state-aided primary schools.

Christianity is not a lawless but an excellent law-abiding faith.

His little principality of Glogau soon became famous as a'model state, and as governor of Silesia he suppressed the robber knights with an iron hand, protected the law-abiding classes, and revived commerce.

No sort of espionage is attempted, no effort made to penetrate privacy; no claim to pry into the secret actions of law-abiding persons is or would be tolerated; the agents of authority must not seek information by underhand or unworthy means.

At last the law-abiding Jews might and must assert the majesty of the outraged Law.