Sentence Examples with the word launch

Lieutenant Cushing undertook the attack on her with a steam launch carrying a spar-torpedo and towing an armed cutter.

Sensing the level of tension in the room, Rhyn didn.t sit but leaned with his back against the wall, ready to launch across the table at whoever snapped first.

If you buy the generics, she will launch into a depression that could last a week.

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Yet the new administration did very well till, after resettling the government of India, and recovering from a blunder committed by their Indian secretary, Lord Ellenborough, they must needs launch a Reform Bill to put that dangerous question out of controversial politics.

Tiring of the great lake at Pereyaslavl, he had already seen the sea for the first time at Archangel in July 1683, and on the 1st of May 1694 returned thither to launch a ship built by himself the year before.

It relies on the enemy embracing several dubious beliefs: We will launch if they launch, they cannot survive a first strike, they cannot secretly launch.

Then we will launch terra-forming nanites into space that land on lifeless rocks and planets and transform them, at the atomic level, to be filled with carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, and everything else we might need.

She hugged her knees, ready to launch the next question.

Cushing's own launch was destroyed.

Towards the end of 1539, after Henry had destroyed the shrine of St Thomas Becket, another attempt was made to launch the bull of deposition, and Pole again was sent to urge Charles V.