Sentence Examples with the word lattice

The arch is formed by two lattice ribs hinged at the abutments.

Subsequently this antenna was enlarged, and four wooden lattice towers were built, 215 ft.

Ahaziah lost his life through a fall from the lattice of an upper room in his palace, and it is stated that in his illness he sent to consult the oracle of Baal-zebub at Ekron; his messengers, however, were met by Elijah, who bade them return and tell the king he must die (2 Kings i.

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The reason given for this change of form was that it more conveniently allowed the lower the lattice girders above.

The Howe truss had timber chords and a lattice of timber struts, with vertical iron ties.

The cancelli, the lattice or bar, which in the civil tribunal had divided the court from the litigants and the public, now served to separate clergy and laity.

It was a bridge for two lines of railway with lattice girders continuous over three spans.

On the other hand a framed or braced web afforded opportunity for much better arrangement of material, and it very soon became apparent that open web or lattice or braced girders were more economical of material than solid web girders, except for small spans.

The church of Our Lady (Frauenkirche) is a fine Gothic building of the 15th century, and has a beautifully sculptured doorway and a lattice spire 240 ft.

Their houses, of which the framework is timber and the rest lattice and thatch, are ingeniously constructed, with great taste in ornamentation, and are well furnished with mats, mosquito-curtains, baskets, fans, nets and cooking and other utensils.