Sentence Examples with the word lateran

This treaty, made possible by concessions on either side, settled the investiture controversy, and was confirmed by the Lateran council of March 1123.

He was nominated as one of the English prelates for the Lateran council (1512), but did not attend.

This provision of the fourth Lateran Council in 1215 was always interpreted to mean death '(see' Van Espen, Observ.

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Quanta, the author of which is unknown, contained the decretals of the last six years of Innocent III., and the important decrees of the Lateran council of 1215.

Unhappily Frederick preferred to put his Sicilian house in order, and the legate preferred to listen to the Italians, who had their own 3 A canon of the third Lateran council (1179) forbade traffic with the Saracens in munitions of war; and this canon had been renewed by Innocent in the beginning of his pontificate.

Their appeal was not successful, for they were formally condemned by the Lateran council of 1215.

From the synod at Elvira in the 4th century this process began, and it was continued in the West-Gothic Church legislation, in the Lateran councils (especially the fourth in 1215), and in the council of Trent (1563).

At the Lateran council of 1 2 15; and clerical taxation was thus part of the whole statesmanlike project of the Fifth Crusade as it was sketched by the great pope.

Martin published the decrees of his Lateran synod in an encyclical, and Constans replied by enjoining his exarch to seize the pope and send him prisoner to Constantinople.

Hohenstaufen, surnamed Stupor Mundi, in alliance with Pisa, against a Genoese squadron bringing a number of English, French and Spanish prelates to attend the council summoned to meet at the Lateran by Gregory IX.