Sentence Examples with the word latent

In 1764, with the aid of his assistant, William Irvine (1743-1787), he further measured the latent heat of steam, though not very accurately.

Moreover, all the medusae budded from a given hydroid colony are either male or female, so that even the non-sexual polyp must be considered to have a latent sex.

Its latent heat of fusion is 11 7 calories, and its latent heat of vaporization is 23.95 calories (P. A.

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The clay soils of England, Agricul- the latent fertility of which was to be brought into 187 since Y g I sis.

Proper) by supposing some latent or antecedent voluntary sin, of which the apparently involuntary heresy was the fearful.

The latent heat of vaporization of mercury was found by Marignac to be 103 to 106.

Though the outbreak was unconnected with the religious feud, the latent fanaticism of both creeds was soon aroused, and the island once more became a scene of pillage and devastation.

The loss of energy could not be greater than this on the simple kinetic theory, unless there were some evolution of latent heat of co-aggregation, due to the work done by the mutual attractions of the co-aggregating molecules.

This doctrine of latent heat he taught in his lectures from 1761 onwards, and in April 1762 he described his work to a literary society in Glasgow.

The quantity of heat so measured is the total heat of the vapour reckoned from the final temperature of the calorimeter, and the heat of the liquid h must be subtracted from the total heat measured to find the latent heat of the vapour at the given temperature.