Sentence Examples with the word latch

As soon as I'd picked up the fare and set it down in our cell, the door slammed behind me and the latch was dropped.

The barn door was wide open, the latch torn loose - probably by the wind.

These are received upon a railway made of two strips of angle iron of the proper gauge for the wheels, and are locked fast by a latch falling over their ends.

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Someone stopped at the gate, and the latch rattled as someone tried to open it.

I had no lock nor bolt but for the desk which held my papers, not even a nail to put over my latch or windows.

Turning Ed toward the gate, he leaned over, lifted the latch and pushed it open.

Many accidents have arisen from horses rushing through a gateway directly the latch is released, or from their jumping a gate at which they have been pulled up to enable the rider to open it.

She turned the wooden latch and threw the door open, ducking as a chicken flew over her head.

He clutched the wet door handle, the click of the latch bringing his mind back to the present.