Sentence Examples with the word lashed out

Jenn sensed the next vamp charge her and spun, burying her knife in the neck of the nearest before she lashed out with a kick at the next.

Instead of answering, she lashed out at him, following her kick sequence with an elbow to his chest.

Again she lashed out with the whip - this time in earnest.

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Her laughter lashed out in the clear air, seizing his attention.

The hidden stranger lashed out at him.

The rabbit thumped the ground once and then leaped into the air, its tail flashing in the sunlight as it lashed out with its hind legs.

When she felt the knife near one ankle, she lashed out at him.

Talon lashed out at Dusty, and she gasped as he barely blocked in time.

She blinked back tears and lashed out blindly.