Sentence Examples with the word lash

Lands north of the Naizar not belonging to the Afghan district of Lash Juwain may also be included in Outer Seistan; but it is unnecessary to make any distinction of the kind for the tract marked Hamun on the west, where it merges into the Persian frontier.

How the wild winds blow it; they whip it about me as the torn shreds of split sails lash the tossed ship they cling to.

Strike nothing, and stir nothing, but lash everything.

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But Nef'i could revile as well as praise, and such was the bitterness of some of his satires that certain influential personages who came under his lash induced Murad IV.

He liked giving a painful lash on the neck to some peasant who, more dead than alive, was already hurrying out of his way.

The western mountains, exposed to the fierce lash of the Atlantic rains, sustain the heaviest and most constant precipitation.

Strike nothing; lash it.

These floated aside, the broken ends drooping, the crew at the stern-wreck clinging to the gunwales, and striving to hold fast to the oars to lash them across.

Aristophanes and Plautus show us how often resort was had to the discipline of the lash even in the case of domestic slaves.

To the mines also speculators sent slaves; they worked half-naked, men and women, in chains, under the lash and guarded by soldiers.